So, hi everyone, I'm off the races with testing this whole blog-thing out.  Thanks to my husband and webmaster, George, for giving me the tools to move this production forward.

Recently I vacationed in Sanibel, Fl, and created some vignettes of seashells in a more abstract lighten things up...clear my head from the studio.  Here is the first one I did.  I hope you like it.  I encourage your comments, thoughts, and feedback.

"Shell Impression I"


Prints are available through Fine Art America.



It wasn't my first intention to paint seashells on this getaway.  This beautiful island is narrow with very few places to set up an easel (unless you have private property).  It was windy and hot, so I opted to paint from my charming - enclosed - back porch.  

It was my intention to paint "alla prima" landscape studies, but since outdoor studies didn't present themselves, I had to go with the flow.  And as often happens, what I needed appeared - there were a myriad of shells spread like jewels on the beach.  How to paint them?  I wanted to paint them all!  So I just spread them on top of a cooler in interesting patterns, and with a soft pastel palette, let go of preconceived ideas of where it should go and let them unfold.  One of my organic vignettes.


"Shell Impression II"


Prints are available through Fine Art America.



By the third day of painting my precious seashell ornaments, I found that it was important for me to simplify my patterns much as my solitude at Sanibel had simplified my existence.  I scattered red-orange shells around the canvas complementing the pattern with shells in blue and green hues.  These colors really set the mood - and movement - for the painting.  As is often wont in my work, I created atmosphere and negative space in my painting by pushing down or blurring the values of the other shells - only minimally suggesting them, really.  For me, this created a piece of visual poetry which mirrored the peace and serenity I experienced on this trip.

Shell Impression III

Prints are available on Fine Art America.