It was imperative for me to get up and out the door by sunrise on the last day of my vacation at the Castaways, Sanibel Island, Fl.   I had figured out by this time that I could collect the best "fighting conch shells" as the early tide receded.  With as much joy as a child runs to and from waves, I dashed in and out of the water plucking up these beautiful fossils...what was once an organic, living, breathing organism now inert except as it was tossed and tumbled by the tide.

My first morning visitors (not including pelicans and terns) were a woman and her dog.   They paid me no heed  because their daily ritual was their own.  From a distance the dog appeared to me to be a golden retriever with a wonderful caramel coat.  I knew I would paint this dog when I returned home as part of my lingering memory.

"Dog on The Beach"

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