Nature and wildlife in all of its simplicity, in all of its complexity, is a beautiful thing.  In perfect balance, or even out of balance, we see through this prism our loves, our needs, our personalities, our preferences, our beauty, our fragility, our exuberance, and more.  The list is endless.  

Family.  Webster's will give us a definition:  " a group of people who are related to each other".    I might add, a group of any species.

The ibis is a social bird, liking camaraderie.  Of course in my painting who can know whether any of these birds are related or not?  I took the photo capturing the movement of how they were perched on the tree.  I liked that they were together yet allowed one another space.  There was a lyricism in the way they primped and preened, turning their bodies in a myriad of ways.  Comfortable with one another, together and quiet, they could tuck their heads under their wing and rest, or just gaze outwardly.  The ibis were safe in their refuge.

I painted this monochromatically because I was entering it into a "Black and White" exhibit at Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa, Florida.  It took a third place award.