I want to live like the dove present in the moment, not worried about the future or past                

Feathers unruffled all smooth and white, never afraid to perch... quickly take flight, take flight


Holding my hand open would you come to me , give me the gift of your softness?                          

Just a morsel of food is all I have.  It's all I have for you. Take it but stay...I need a friend

I want to be free like the dove able to soar at will ...watch you watch, as you hurry                          

Never envy you, no never.  I'll just fly away... say goodbye


I want to be pure like the dove, a symbol of peace; reach out my hand to you sincerely                    

Not see your imperfections, the need to change you to look like me... think like me... be like me


i want to see another dove, be a family; not live alone always alone - birds stay together                  

So I'll stay by your side. We can still hunt for food or just...hang glide


Lyrics by:  Susan Hanlon


The Dove