I've been waiting for two months to take Joanna Karpay's landscape class "Oil Painting With Expression" - and today was the day!  I'm heading to Stone Ridge, New York soon to visit an old friend, so my focus was to paint the vibrancy of fall in the hopes that I can apply what I learned up there in some of my free time.  

I worked on two paintings today - this being the first - and the one brought to the highest completion.  Not being a landscape painter per se, I needed help in learning to distill the scene for the greatest impact.  This painting was actually a compilation of a couple photos I had.   What I wanted was a cacophony of  rich reds and oranges - peak season, if you will.  What I arranged was a large cart of pumpkins as the main focal point (a compelling part of my original photo) with the addition of a tree pulsating with the same vibrant color.  As you can see, I pushed the middle ground back to create depth and atmosphere.

I will go back into the painting tomorrow to bring more definition to the pumpkins...and we shall see where it ends.  Thanks for stopping by!

Pumpkin Cart



Here is my finished painting for pumpkin cart.  Basically, I just defined the pumpkins because I am pretty happy with the way it all turned out.  Thoughts?

Pumpkin Cart



Thanks for stopping by!  Here is the second painting I did from Saturday's Landscape workshop with Joanna Karpay.  I don't think I mentioned that this was a Tampa Regional Artists workshop).  I got pretty far along on the first day.  Most of the time I spent afterwards was just adding a little definition to the vivid Maple tree.  This is a high chroma painting, meaning it leans heavily on the Cadmium Red, Orange and Yellow.  It's a bold statement.  As always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments.  It helps me become a better artist.

Fall Fusion